Etanoldax E85 conversion in a VOLVO 940 with engine management system LH 2.4
Below you'll find some nice pictures of the install of a Etanoldax Ethanol E85 conversion module.
One of our customers has given us those pictures and it shows are very nice piece of work. Sit back and enjoy!


Since the Etanoldax is shipped as a printed circuit board, it requires some kind of cabinett.
Why not use a scrapped CD-ROM player, as shown below...

A brand new Etanoldax module waiting for wires and connectors to be hooked up.

Some soldering work has been done. Connectors hooked up.

Overall view of the system. Wires going to the ECU, to the injectors, to a control panel inside
the car and external temperature sensor. High quality connectors are used.

Soon time to combine the pcb and the cabinett.

Said and done. Begins to look like a CD-ROM player again, but not quite...
I guarantee that a CD-ROM cannot convert your car to Ethanol operation.

Some mechanical work has to be done to finalize the cabinett. Really great work!

Time to mount the pcb into the cabinett.

Beautiful, isn't it?

Etanoldax module hooked up in the Volvo 940...

Programming the parameters and checking status leds. Seems fine!

The control panel inside the car. All very nicely done. This guy knows what he's doing.

This is just one story of how well an Etanoldax module is installed to a standard gasoline driven car
and makes it possible to run it on pure E85 Ethanol. 95% of all fuel injected cars today is actually
possible to do this. How about you, will you join the crowd of Ethanol users soon?

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