Ethanol E85 fuel conversion

This page shows a few pictures of our fuel conversion module "Etanoldax".
The module is fitted in a Ford Escort -99 with a Zetec-E 1600cc 16 valve sequential fuel injection engine.
The module makes it possible to run the engine on 100% Ethanol E85 fuel, and has been done this for the last 3 years.
The module can handle up to 8 independent channels which means it will suit most of the sequential fuel injection engines.

The first picture shows the module fitted in a prototype box:

The display and the three tact switches is the simple interface which makes it possible to program and configure
all the parameters and functions of the module. For instance, the module uses an external temperature sensor to
detect engine temperature. This is used for different coldstart enrichment features.
There's also an onboard lambda voltage detector and led output which makes it possible to check the lambda status and
see if the engine runs either in closed loop or open loop operation for the moment.

Here goes the second picture:

The module fitted in the Ford, ready for operation. All parameters has been programmed.
The module is electrically connected between the car's original ECU (Electronic Control Unit) and the fuel injectors.

Here goes the third picture:

This is the control panel inside the car which the driver use to select the operation of the module.
The black rotary switch has four steps, 100% E85, mixmode gas/E85, only gas, and configuration mode.
The switch is for manual control of the coldstart enrichment, if it's configured for manual operation. (I use only the automatic mode..)
The red led indicate if any of the fuel injectors is saturated (100% duty-cycle) which means the injector is fully open and more
fuel cannot be injected. This may occour in very high R.P.M's at wide open throttle. Fortunately, E85 is very forgiving to run lean.
The yellow led indicate that an enrichment feature is activated and will increase the amount of injected fuel.
The green led is the status led for the lambda detector and will flash according to the lambda regulation.

Since the module makes it possible to control the amount of injected fuel into the engine, it's
of course possible to use the module together with gasoline aswell. It could be a way to get more power during
wide open throttle, when most of the engines goes into open loop operation and relies only on tables.

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