Welcome to ElektronikCentrum 
Electronics service and development  

Welcome to ElektronikCentrum!
Our wide knowledge makes it possible for us to work in several different areas of electronics. For example, two of our latest projects, resulted in a fuel conversion module for Ethanol E85. This makes it possible to run a standard gasoline driven car, on all Ethanol E85 fuel.  Read more at Etanoldax.se
                          ETHANOL E85 CONVERSION PICTURES
The second project was a guitar amplifier with a massive 340W output power.
Since amplifiers and power electronics has always been our biggest interest, we are proud to tell that our knowledge extends from 1950's tube amplifiers to today's modern highpower amps with several kilowatts outputpower which use so called switchmode powersupplies to combine high power with low weight.
We always look for new challanges!

- Please note that the english version of the website is under construction -

Best regards Stefan, ElektronikCentrum