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We develop a highly effective switchmode power supply for audio amplifiers in the kilowatts range!
Below is a picture of our prototype hooked up together with a pair of 300W amplifier modules from Lab.Gruppen AB.
The powersupply is highly dynamic in current and has the ability to deliver very high burst power, which is needed to reproduce music material.
Since it's automatically immune to rail pumping phenomen, it's very well suited to power class D amplifiers.
If you want to know more about this powersupply, or if you're in need of a powersupply for your own
application, big or small, please contact us.

The output voltages are easily scalable to any need and it's friendly to add a PFC front end. A few examples of possible applications:

High power HI-FI audio power amplifiers
P.A audio power amplifiers
Active speaker cabinets
Industrial applications
Lab power supplies
...and much more!

In below picture, the powersupply is adjusted to provide +/- 80V for the amplifier modules.